A Message From Conquest Brewing Company

July 25, 2019


Dear Friends,

Conquest Brewing, as you might have guessed from the name, has always been about ambition. When this company was founded in 2012, as Columbia’s first production brewery since Prohibition, we set out to brew the best beer that we could, to help advance craft beer in our fair town as best we could, and to create an atmosphere at the brewery where all felt welcomed to share in good drink and good times.

You know, we accomplished a lot of that. We did it without local precedent, with beginner’s verve, on a shoestring, and through a damn lot of work squeezing everything we could out of ourselves and our facility. We have never been big, but we think we’ve punched above our weight enough to take pride in what we have been able to do.

We set goals and standards for ourselves, and we know that we have met some of those and not others. Sometimes it was a shifting target, too: we’ve watched the marketplace and the legal landscape evolve over the last few years—for the collective better, it should be said—and substantially so. Some really great developments were hard for us to capitalize on, given where we were in time and place. Others we jumped all over. In other cases, we could have done better.

Errors are OK—they’re proof of humanity. We’re just people, folks, initially a couple of homebrewer friends and then a team that grew to include investors, brewery staff, and partners who have left an imprint on Conquest since the day they joined the party. Some of us have moved on, others are still here right now, and in every case life has done its thing with and around us. Those forces are as much at work today as they’ve ever been. The living experience changes—count on it.

With all of this in mind, we announce that Conquest Brewing will soon wind down operations. It’s time to hang up our swords and mash paddles. We do not have a closing date to share right now, but we have beer on hand and new ones in tanks and we’d like to sell it and be wrapped up sometime around the beginning of fall.

There’s no single reason for this. A combination of internal and external factors and odds and ends we won’t bore you with have us sitting where we do now. The decision to sunset this brewery at this time was not an easy one, but it is the one we have chosen to make. Our personnel will be moving on to and, as the case may be, refocusing on endeavors that are important and rewarding for them. To a large degree the timing of this decision has been selected with personnel factors in mind.

We hope you’ll still come by and see us for a beer while the taproom remains open. Or look for us around town. The handful of new beers in the pipeline, we’re excited about them. There are some special events still to come. We’ll throw a going away party. Somebody’s gotta order that last pint of Sacred Heart.

With deep sincerity, we thank you for every bit of support and laughter you’ve shared with us during our time together. Mostly, thank you for making this all possible. You don’t know how gratifying it is to see ambitions in a glass in the hands of happy people enjoying life for a moment.

All our best,

The Conquest Brewing Company Team